Kiratsukai’s 413 Follower Giveaway
I did it, I made it!  Hurray!  You just want my shit, don’t you?

Up For Grabs:
your choice of Kids (x2), Seer (x3), Dave (x1), (Shipping x5)
-Ben Nye trollpaint set (gray x1, white x2)
-Con Air DVD (quality film)
-Kickstarter trinkets: your choice of Leo patch, spade pin, club pin, derse coat of arms pin, derse moon pin
-smuppet plush
-mini smuppet plush
-Rainbow Dash plush
-gimpy self-painted Jane shirt (lady’s M)
-Kickstarter “Gamer Girl” t-shirt (lady’s L)

What you Get:
The winner gets their choice of any 10 things.  Not all the things — just ten of the things (but that is still a good lot of things considering the sheer number of things there are to get…amirite?)

What Happens to the Other Things?
I give them to followers I admire, who make me laugh, who have supported me for the last year.  Basically — they’re Lady’s Choice prizes.  I choose who gets them, simply because I think they’re cool and want them to get stuff :) 

Ok, How Do I Do This?
Reblog and/or Like this post to enter.  You may reblog -once- and like -once- per day.  Final winner will be chosen by random number generator.

Other Rules: no giveaway blogs (I’ll check), International (non-US) folks are welcome to enter, but for time/money reasons can ~ONLY~ recieve the stickers and trinkets as prizes :(  No exceptions, Sorry!  I really don’t have the time or money to puzzle out shipping any more complicated than: stuff in envelope, seal, write, drive to post office.

That’s it.  Good luck!

Giveaway Ends: 4/13/2013 (cuz I can)